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Manifesto for a new era

90% mass market digital products aiming at a global reach  (including mobile apps, softwares, hardwares, saas, devices) are created in a Western language and fail to reach full potential adoption because the lack of adaptation to the end user’s needs and abilities. This failure reveals the gap between product teams and end users in terms of origins, experience and language abilities. 

As of today, the most common solution in a given application is to reduce the experience of the users to “an experience in English” (or in the nearest used European languages) hoping that the benefit of the product itself will overcome the cost of adaptation required from the end users. However, this “product centered approach”  turns to generate lower customer engagement, lower satisfaction, unsatisfactory experience and finally lower revenue. 

The other solution is to adapt an application to as many languages as possible and to stay as close as possible to the end users abilities and needs. However this “user centered approach” is impeded by the significant cost barriers, time, risk and efficiency issues when the languages are not European languages. 

Gusoma solves this part of the problem, by providing an API to product team and developers that support the African languages and can be integrated into any digital solutions within minutes.

  • First we digitise the underrepresented languages so product teams don’t have to do it.
  • Second we deliver that as an API so the integration is reduced to a simple code integration. This reduces risk, helps to control cost and time, ensure greater end users satisfaction.

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