Final List for Current Positions

ACCEPTED for Written Examination (updated 01/05/20)
For existing positions currently open
1Alexis NSHIMIYIMANASenior Statistician
2Aphrodice NDUHUYABAGABOSenior Statistician
3Benjamin NDIZEYESenior Project Manager
4Charles MUTUYEMUNGUSenior Researcher
5Claire UWIMANAOffice Assistant
6Claude John MWIZERWADirector of Sales
7Daniel NSHIMIYIMANAField Manager
8David NGABONZIZAField Manager
9Emmanuel NIYONSHUTIDirector of Sales
10Gregory ShimecheroField Manager
11Ibrahim KAREKEZIField Manager
12Jacques NTEZIMANASenior Researcher
13Jean Claude NSHIMIYIMANAField Manager
14Jean D’Arc KAMPOROROGender Specialist
15Jean Damascene NDUWAYEZUSenior Statistician
16Jean de Dieu DUSHIMIMANASenior Researcher
17Jack Bisamaza Muhindo KAGHENITechnical Manager
18Marie Clarisse INSHUTIYASEGender Specialist
19Pascal NDAYISABAGender specialist
20Pascal RUKUNDOSenior Project Manager
21Pontien MUNYURWASenior Researcher
22Musafari NDATSIKIRASenior Project Manager