Digital tools for online teachers

The scalable infrastructure to teach online

How Gusoma Tools™ help you to teach better online ?

Simplifying the booking process for higher student engagement

Protecting teachers learning materials while making them accessible to legitimate users

Reducing the stress and effort needed to run online classes

Hosting and distributing learning content in a controlled manner

Who use Gusoma Tools™ ?

Freelance Teachers & Small Coaching Organisations

Training centers

Large Organisations

What are the Gusoma tools™ ?

24/7 Booking system

Student portal

Learning Content management

Learning Videos, audios & texts hosting

Student management

Online quiz & Assessement

What are our students are saying ?

Testimonial : Learning Kinyarwanda with Gusoma in Canada : Iliza KARANGWA

Iliza, Canada

Testimonial : Learning Kinyarwanda in Belgium

Johan, Belgium

Testimonial : Learning Kinyarwanda in Canada

Igor, Canada

Testimonial : Learning Kinyarwanda in Spain

Aristote, Spain

Choose your plan

Booking Tools

money back guarantee – 5 days

1 $ /student / month

Maximise your time with an

Booking + Hosting tools

money back guarantee – 7 days

3 $ /student / month

Leverage technology to manage your online booking and learning content acccess & distribution

Booking + Hosting + Assessements tools

money back guarantee – 10 days

4 $ /student / month

Run your school entirey online with all the tools to deliver a great learning experience

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